Just sharp enough with a fast T1.3 aperture enabling low light shooting & shallow depth of field for selective focus Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 lenses are the perfect lenses if you are looking for that classic Carl Zeiss look.

Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 lenses have been an industry workhorse for decades. Attractive to camera assistants, the Mark III series improves on previous housings with larger, more legible focus marks. Sharp, contrast, and very bright, these lenses continue to be a staple in the cinematographer’s toolkit, contained in a lightweight package, and remain popular for all types of production.

The Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 PL Lens set are the most popular of all the vintage prime sets. They are seriously fast at T1.3 for incredible low light performance but are also light and compact. They are also very sharp above T2.8 but below that they give a soft look that directors love. One of the main reasons that vintage lenses have become so popular is that they offer a great solution to the problem of modern camera sensors being too sharp.

The Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 lenses are a cost effective and lightweight option for PL cameras. Later replaced by the Zeiss Master Prime range, the Zeiss Super Speed T1.3  benefit from being half the size and half the price. Fast and lightweight, these lenses can make an attractive option when low light levels are an issue and a small payload is required.

There are three models of T1.3 Zeiss Super speeds. Mark I Superspeeds are rarely seen but are noticeable for being T1.4 and having either no or modified focus gears and a three blade iris. The Mark IIs are the most common, with red and white print indicating feet and metres, proper focus and iris gearing, a seven blade iris and an aperture of T1.3. The Mark IIIs are noticeable from their all white print marked only in feet or metric, and focus markings on both sides of the lens. Optically the Mark IIs and Mark IIIs are identical and interchangeable.

The Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 have been a favourite of the film industry for over 30 years.  They have a very fast aperture of T1.3, small body, and flattering image rendition.

The Arri / Zeiss Super Speed Primes are 35mm format T1.3 lenses are small and lightweight lenses suitable for a range of PL Mount cinema applications.

The Carl Zeiss Super Speed lenses are 35mm format T1.3 lenses capable of impressive low light performance and beautiful images. These are PL mount lenses that are suitable for a range of cinema camera applications. These lenses provide a vintage feel compared to modern cinema cameras and lenses.

The Zeiss Super Speed T 1.3 MKIII lens set is the third generation of the world famous lenses by the German brand, which slightly improves the features of their ancestors, the MKII. One of them is the mechanics, since the focus rings have marks on both sides and more spin.

  • Focal range: 18mm – 85mm
  • Extra focal lens: 65mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Top iris: T1.3
  • Front diameter: 80mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 270º
  • Image coverage: S35mm | 5k
  • Weight: 0.7kg | 1.2 kg

Way before starting its collaboration with the German company ARRI, Carl Zeiss was already a leader brand in the world of high end lenses, both for cinema and still photography. Legendary series built in Western Germany have arrived to our days in great shape and actually their characteristic softness of image at certain fairly-open iris blend wonderfully with the extreme definition of some camera sensors of nowadays. Not to mention the fact that, after almost 60 years from the day they were first realized, they still are between the fastest lenses around with their Super Speed T 1.4 and Ultra Speed T 1.3 sets and even the “slower” set offers an amazing T 2.1 along all the focal range. More recently, Zeiss has kept on adding new products to his PL mount cine lenses line up such as the Compact Prime and CP2 sets, respectively T 2.1 and T 1.5 in the Ultra Speed version, and the new zooms CZ.

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This Zeiss Super Speed Lens Set rental includes the following focal lengths:

  • Zeiss Super Speed 18mm T1.3
  • Zeiss Super Speed 25mm T1.3
  • Zeiss Super Speed 35mm T1.3
  • Zeiss Super Speed 50mm T1.3
  • Zeiss Super Speed 85mm T1.3