we are experts in film equipment

About us

Bcn Lens Rental is a Barcelona based cinema lens rental company, specializing in vintage lenses. We are passionate about lenses because they are one of the most important tools filmmakers have to give a project its unique look.

We have been researching, testing, collecting and shooting with vintage lenses for some years.

Although we specialize in vintage lenses, we have some modern glass too. And we offer full camera packages and accessories as well

Our friendly team of knowledgeable camera and optics professionals are always happy to advise and help our customers in hiring the right equipment at competitive prices.

Our client base is advertising and digital agencies, broadcasters, photographers, design agencies, marketing agencies, rental companies … as well as production companies

We believe in offering a friendly, straightforward service, expert advice and reliable & well maintained kit at competitive prices.

Many of our clients ask us to go beyond simply supplying kit and we’ll often provide crew, technical staff and ancillary production facilities to ensure a project is completed successfully