Cinescope Leica R Full Frame Lenses (TLS)

Cinescope Leica R TLS rental Rehoused by TLS, the original glass of this set is comprised of vintage Leica R Summilux and Elmarit still lenses. Now in robust, cine-style bodies, these Cinescope Leica R TLS rental full frame lenses can cover the 36mm x 24mm full frame sensors in the Red 8K Monstro and Sony Venice. With over 300 degrees of focus rotation, zero backlash, and improved close focus, this collection of rehoused lenses offers professionals the warm colors and smooth bokeh of the original signature Leica glass that have made Leica Rs so highly regarded. These Cinescope Leica R TLS rental  have full frame coverage 36mm x 24mm, making the vast image circle cover almost all cameras and sensors.

Most of the Cinescope Leica R TLS rental even cover the new Vista Vision sensor. Also have been designed a cam driven focus system and chassis style lens housing allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the lens without affecting focus movements.

The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system,  giving a wide spread of markings through the scale. A major selling point is that due to the complete redesign of the lens, all the Cinescope Leica R TLS rental  have an improved close focus. Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, brass and robust construction guarantees along serviceable life

Since the DSLR Revolution the Leica R primes have been the pinnacle of quality hybrid photo-cine prime lenses. Cinescope teamed up with TLS in the UK to bring a proper, robust cine-style housing to the Leica R primes. They had put into their Kowa, Super Baltar, Canon K35, and Cooke Speed Panchro rehousing could easily be ported over to accommodate the Leica R primes. Cinescope saw this opportunity and jumped on it.

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If you’ve tried any of the TLS rehoused lenses, you know what to expect with the new Cinescope Leica R TLS rental project. It employs the same robust, cam-based focus system as the rest of their conversions. The movements are smooth, consistent, and well designed. The focus movement was accurate and repeatable with over 300 degrees of focus rotation, with the Macros 60mm and 100mm having 350 degrees of focus rotation. The focus and iris markings are displayed clearly on both the smart and dumb side of the lens. The front diameter is a common 110mm across the entire line.

To say that the housings themselves are reminiscent of Cooke S4 primes would be an understatement. Then we could say this particular project is like having Leica glass in a Cooke housing.


If you love the look of Leica R series glass but need something more robust or more producer-friendly than a simple Cine-Mod, then you’ll want to use a set of these Cinescope Leica R TLS rental.

Cinescope Leica R TLS rental  are engineered and designed the world leaders in cinema conversion lenses TLS (True Lens Services). Their specially designed cam system is second to non. All Cinescope Optics are vigorously tested at the TLS HQ to ensure they can withstand the rigours of a modern filmset.

The Cinescope Leica R Full Frame Lenses (TLS)) optics set includes


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