Canon K-35 lenses

Canon K-35 lenses  rental are quite possibly the best-kept secret in 35mm motion picture prime lenses. Not to be confused with Canon stills lenses, these were specifically made for cinema.

Beautifully rehoused by TLS (True Lens Service), these Canon K-35 lenses  rental vintage primes are one of the most sought-after lens sets on the market. The Canon K35s were made in the 70’s and 80’s as Canon’s response to the Zeiss Super Speeds. Fast and small, the Canon K-35 lenses  rental are widely renowned for being absolutely beautiful. They are sharp and have lower contrast than modern primes and have a unique smooth focus quality and color palette with gorgeous purple and orange flares, as well as uniquely striking bokeh and falloff

Canon K-35 lenses rental are quite possibly the best-kept secret in 35mm motion picture prime lenses. Not to be confused with Canon stills lenses, these were specifically made for cinema and were awarded an Academy Award in 1977. Canon K35 lenses  rental were the lenses used on Aliens as well as many other famous features films over the years. They find just as much use today, with even Aardman’s animated Chicken Run shot almost completely on Canon K-35 lenses  rental

These classic lenses are Super-Fast at T1.3 (apart from the 18mm at 1.5). Sharp enough to compete with modern glass, but with a classic quality that takes the digital edge off modern cameras. Canon K35 lenses  rental have a look and feel that can’t be replicated. The focus has an elegant falloff and beautiful bokeh. Wide open at T1.3 they are of course softer with some chromatic aberration, but above T2.8 they hold their own with anything.

We now also offer Canon FD 135mm lens. It offers similar characteristics to the Canon K35 lens and can be used to supplement your focal range or as an excellent addition to a B-roll set up.

Canons 1970s Glass is widely renowned for being absolutely beautiful. These lenses are nice and sharp (similar to Zeiss Super Speeds) but have a unique creamy quality and colour palette.  All these lenses completely cover the Dragon and 36x24mm (full frame).

Canon K35 lenses  rental are stunning and the new mechanical designs will allow the most demanding focus situations to be handled without issue. Canon K-35 lenses have gorgeous purple/orange flares and excellent corner to corner sharpness.  K35 lenses rent cover full frame 36mmx24mm. These lenses have amazing bokeh.

Canon’s K35 lenses have a reputation for producing beautiful, creamy images.

These vintage Canon K-35 lenses rent are less sharp than modern lenses but offer great contrast

This Canon K-35 lenses rental includes the following lenses. We offer the following focal lengths

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The Canon K-35 lenses rental were manufactured by Canon during the 1970’s and 80’s and won an Academy Award in 1976. These K35 lenses were used on many large sets such as “Aliens”(1986) and “American Hustle” (2013). The high-speed optical design of the Canon K-35 series is a perfect example of Canon’s optical expertise and fine lens design. The Canon K-35 lenses rental are  slightly softer and has less contrast compared to modern lenses. But is sharper and provides more contrast than other vintage lenses.

We have for rental a set of TLS rehoused K-35’s, the old vintage glass but in modern housing.

These hi-speed aspherical lenses were Canon’s answer to the Zeiss Superspeeds. Manufactured in the 1970’s, they were later offered with PL mount for cinema use. One of the first big features to show off their qualities was James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’. The shadows and gritty textures created with the help of these Canon K-35 lenses rental really stand out.

They are a great option for features, commercials or promos; fast and small lenses with a characteristic look and an almost perfect round iris. They have been one of the most popular lens choices recently.

Nowadays, the Canon K-35 lenses rental are often used to in conjunction with modern digital cine cameras. The combination of the rigid sensor grid paired with the softer vintage lens creates a look popular among modern day cinematographers. The use of the lens balances out the overly-sharp look yielded by today’s cine lenses. In addition, they have unique flares and halation’s which sometimes create interesting effects. At 40 years old, these lenses of course do not hold up to modern CAD lenses in terms of image sharpness. However, if you like the unique, vintage look, kindly contact us.

Canon K-35 lenses Set of 5 fast primes are seriously popular and very cool. They are used for films, commercial and music videos and for any project where a vintage super fast lens is required. They give a softer look than modern lenses with amazing bokeh and flattering skin tones.

Canon’s historic Canon K-35 lenses rental offer a classic vintage look few can beat. They were introduced in 1976 and since then adapted for use with Arri’s PL mount system

Canon released their range of K35 rent in the 1970s and it didn’t take long for them to be given an Academy Award for Technical Excellence. Canon K-35 lenses rental are most famous for being used to shoot Ridley Scott’s iconic movie Alien (1979) as well as Stanley Kubrick’s legendary Barry Lyndon (1975).

Other more contemporary films to use these lenses are Submarine (2010), Her (2013), American Hustle (2013) and The Gift (2015).

Fast and small, the glass elements exhibit less sharpness and contrast than most modern lenses, but more contrast and sharpness than the Kowa Cine Prominars. True Lens Services (TLS) rehoused these elements for mechanical precision without sacrificing the optical quality or look.

The Canon K35 Look

Canon K-35 lenses rental  are extremely popular vintage lenses which flare easily and subtly give images a softer, lower contrast quality. Their incredibly fast apertures, at between T1.3 and T1.5, allow for a very shallow depth of field.

To extend the original set of five K35s (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm), one rehoused FD 135mm stills lens have been added  as it well match the look and feel.

TLS Rehoused Canon K35 set includes: 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm

TLS Rehoused Canon FD lenses include: 135mm

The Canon K35 optics set includes


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