The Canon FD TLS for rental vintage primes, rehoused by TLS (True Lens Services), have become one of the most popular full frame lenses sets amongst modern cinematographers. The Canon FD TLS for rental vintage are sharp, but with lower contrast than modern primes.

They exhibit plenty of vintage character, with beautiful purple and orange flares, as well as unique bokeh and focus falloff.

The Canon FD TLS for rental have 110mm common front diameters for easy use with accessories.

Canons 1970s Glass is widely renowned for being absolutely beautiful. These Canon FD TLS for rental are nice and sharp (similar to Zeiss Super Speeds) but have an unique creamy quality and colour palette.

Canon FD TLS for rental

These Canon FD TLS for rental lenses have gorgeous purple/orange flares and excellent corner to corner sharpness.

By now the secret is out that Canon FD TLS hire lenses are a perfect fit for cinematography, especially Full Frame cinematography

Most of the set consists of the oldest, and much sought after SSC versions of each lens

This is a complete set of 1970s Canon FD TLS for rental primes rehoused by TLS, exactly the same as the housings they built for our Canon K35s. TLS is now replacing the original 8-blade irises with new 16-blade irises.

So not only does your bokeh stay circular when stopped down, but it also helps these lenses match even better to Canon K35 rental. In the original FDs the 8-blade iris gives your bokeh a stop-sign shape to pin-point highlight

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Canon started with their popular Canon FD rental line of lenses back in 1971. These lenses were built to serve their popular line of still photography lenses. Over the years, they were consistently improved and refined. At a certain point, you could assume they felt the build of their lenses were deemed worthy of cinema applications, hence the introduction of the Canon K35 for rental.

The Canon FD rental lens mount was introduced in March 1971 with the Canon F-1 camera. It served as the Canon SLR interchangeable lens mounting system until the EOS system was introduced in 1987. This mount, with minor changes, lingered through the release of the 1990 Canon T60, the last camera introduced in the FD system. It survived until 1992 when the production of the New F-1 ceased. FD-mount cameras can use FL lenses in stop-down metering mode.

The Canon FD TLS for rental Mounted Prime lenses are some of the most advanced lens designs after more than 40 years from the first manufacturing date.

The Canon FD Lenses rental incorporate a floating element design and aspherical glass for sharp images, and close range correction. These lenses are very similar in character, personality, and sharpness to the famed Canon K35 rental prime lenses, but the Canon FD TLS for rental offer 330 degree focus throw and superior sharpness at the wide aperture settings. Highlights and bokeh are extremely pleasing, while offering an outstanding sharpness throughout the frame.

The Canon FD TLS for rental lenses help digital sensors achieve character and a “look” that is flattering to flesh tones

One of the most significant trends in lenses over the past few years has been a rush to buy vintage glass (such as Cooke Panchros or Bausch & Lomb Super Baltars), or to rehouse old stills lenses in cine bodies, because they gave character to the clean, rather characterless images produced by digital sensors.


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