Canon FD 14mm TLS

With their extremely wide angles of view, wide-angle and super wide-angle lenses gather momentum in their popularity. These Canon FD TLS 14mm for rental accentuate nearby objects by enlarging them and de-emphasize those that are far away by making them smaller.

This Canon FD TLS 14mm for rental is a super wide-angle lens with the shortest focal length of non-fisheye lenses in the FD series.

Diagonal angle of view is 114° and maximum aperture is f/2.8. The front surface of the second element in its 10 group, 14 element lens construction has an aspherical surface.

The result is an extremely compact optical system. In the Canon FD TLS 14mm for rental aberrations at close focusing distances are improved by a floating system; where certain elements move relative to other elements during focusing.

A gelatine filter holder in back of the lens accommodates common types of gelatine filters.

The distinguishing features of super wide-angle lenses in general are their wide angle of view and their extended perspective.

The Canon FD TLS 14mm for rental is the most extreme example of these characteristics. The diagonal angle of view covered by the 14mm lens is 114°. To give you a feeling for just how much this lens takes in, it is more than double the 46° coverage of a 50mm lens and a little less than double the 35mm’s coverage of 63°.

Unlike fisheye lenses, the straight lines of the subject do not become curved as they do with fisheyes, the distance between close and distant objects is exaggerated by dramatically reducing the size of the objects in the background. Canon FD TLS 14mm rental

In the Canon FD TLS 14mm for rental an aspherical element has been employed which has greatly minimized such aberrations and distortion and resulting in an extremely high optical performance.

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